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Jules Tools: How to Stay Consistent with Workouts a Diet and a Healthy Lifestyle


Balancing a healthy lifestyle can be extremely stressful. Finding the right plan may sounds pretty easy but sticking to it has lead you back to the beginning over and over. What if I told you it started with the inside first. We sometime forget with our busy schedules to take care of ourselves and to be able to wake up each morning and feel Gratitude and Joy. By taking those moment to take care of yourself enables you to reflect that back to the world.  Changing a mindset takes some work and repetition but in the end your new body is a direct result of how you begin to believe in yourself.   This is the part that most people are unable to overcome.  Many many years of bad habits cannot be done overnight but what I can promise it wont take long. Food is fuel and your body is a machine. Assessing your Health and fitness level is extremely important and is the first part of the plan. Sign up here to book boot camp and get up to date alerts in your account.

1. Have a diet plan






The number one mistake most people make is starting their weight loss journey without a proper meal plan.

This is the easiest way to fail.
Having a proper plan will guide you on what foods to eat and at what time.
For example, foods such as carbohydrates should not be eaten at night when you are almost going to bed.
You should, therefore, have a meal plan to restrict you even you have cravings.
It is also important to do your research well before beginning your diet plan and seek the help of a nutritionist if you have to so that you may be well equipped with all the information you need before dieting.


2. Start slowly then gradually progress







Most people make this mistake of starting their diet plan with such high intensity that they fail to keep up.

It is almost impossible to completely change your diet habits within one day or even one week. Everyone is unique and peoples needs and wants are different for everyone. So everyone gets a Custom made diet based around your health needs and goals. Although a long term plan is the best way to create new habits we do have jump-start programs to get you the motivation to eat clean or if you need to lose the last 3 or 4 pounds.

3. Do not rely on motivation

In the beginning, most people feel de-motiated to stick to their diet plan.

This is especially so if people around you are not dietting and whenever you are with them, they eat foods that will tempt you.
Remember that you are your own biggest fan and you have a goal to achieve.

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